Connection on many levels

The last week’s has been in the sign of travel, i have moved from northern AAngermanland  to the southern part of Haerjedalen. I live at the moment with a friend named Morgan, a person with extensive knowledge in the field of primitive technologies and hunting. Morgan is also skilled to arrange cook the food, he invited me to a fantastic dinner with Black Grouse as Morgan himself has shot. Do i need to write that it was incredibly good.
grouse breast



Guess as my dog’s name is. i want to rename him to Bjäss (Bjaess) as my Brothers doughter calls him, Kom nuuuuuuu Bjääässsss says she so cute that you just are able to say in a certain age.

Bjäss and I’ve been out for a ”long walk” today to the one of the nicest places i know of in this country. I have also heard me if I might be able to buy or maybe ”rentbye” instead. We will se whats happened with all that.

I also continued to check over energy supply for my little adventure.

The plan is to purchase the following products for energy.

Foldable Solarcell x 2 108 W 18V 2 Kg
Human dynamo Charger 10kg
Wind Turbine 500 W 19 Kg
Micro water turbine 500W 32 Kg
12 V 210 Ah Gel battery 63 Kg
12 V 110 Ah Gel battery 33 Kg
12 V regulator (for controlling the charging of the batteries)

With regard to the above equipment to be even a lot of cables added so that everything works as intended. It also constructed one Aluminium case for batteries and contacts that other equipment shall be operated and charged with.

Needed all this equipment? Answer: ”it depends on” what the goal is. If it is important / essential for one’s own survival, the answer is NO

For the additional equipment for the important link & documentation so I will return with information about it later

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