hundvalpar 100I am now born and has had time to be more than three weeks old, I was born the  8 January 2012. Sunday, January 29, my “dad” came to visit me for the first time, I thought he looked pleased to see me.

Foto0421Hello this is a status report from me, I’ve had time to be more than 10 months old, my “dad” has been busy keeping up with my antics as i need for my development to be as good as possible.
I have help also my best dog friend Raven who is 1 year old and is the breed Swedish Samidog. He and I play a lot, he is a bit bigger but i eat as much as i can, so before summer’s end,
I’m probably a bit bigger. My “dad” says that i might be a little larger than the breed standard that is 63cm, we’ll see what happens with it. This was all for now having it so good everyone. and wof wof

Guess 7 month

Guess 7 month

Of course I slept when he arrived, but woke up a little when he would go, You may believe that my mom is watching over all of us small. Sends you a blurry picture of me but still me. Please enjoy you will be seeing more of me in the future.

They will update this page to me especially my dad, as you may know, dogs do not write so well.

I hope that Dad is doing its best to from my perspective to describe what is happening. (All we know that it will not be entirely correct but you’ll have to make do with what is offered)

Facts about my breed

East Siberian Lajka is a breed of dog originating from Siberia Yenisei west of the Pacific Ocean in the east. Like other lajkor used both as Managing dog and barking dog. In his native country, Russia is also the sled dog. The dogs could benefit gasket while you were out on the week-long hunts.


It is bred from different subpole tips from hunters in Siberia. Model of the breed standard was written in 1947 was laika from the Amur. In the 1960s, established a breeding station in Irkutsk. Hunting properties have been more important than the exterior.


East sibirian Lajka is a sturdy hunting dog with a smooth and lively temperament. In its home country, it is used to hunt everything from grouse, marten to bear and Siberian tiger. In Sweden, it is used primarily as Managing dog on big game such as moose and brown bears, and wild boar. A quick-search method coupled with courage and clarity is The ID when lajkan hunt. At home, it is soft and familjekär and are faithful to their owners and houses. To become a champion, a östsibirisk Lajka have qualifications from the field trial beagle or hunting test for barking dog.

Famous East Siberian lajkor

In 2004 appointed SKK (Swedish kennel club) my grandfather the East Siberian lajkan Rajajoen Mikko the dog of the year in year Sweden. Mikko got the award after having managed to track down and set a wounded bear that earlier killed a hunter.

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