Something i look forward to !

Is what i currently do, i really look forwad to the Easter. Mainly because i might  spend the weekend with ”my” dear doughter, and another good friend. The plan if everything dissolves out well, is to go up to my childhood areas. Namely the High Coast, Docksta and Skuleberget, where we intend to spend the Easter weekend with lots of skiing and good food.

Similar ski's
Similar ski’s

I also wanna givie you all some brief facts about my skiing career:
My skiing career started and ended in Skule hill. The start of my career was in the early 70 th with woodenski’s and twisted steel edges and low leather boots (humanic) and some bamboo poles. As i remember, that was my hole skiing outfit.

Similar ski pole's as mine.
Similar ski pole’s as mine.

(Images of similar outfit)

Similar to my type
Similar to my type

Of course there was also the famous prisoner belt , who realy made sure to knock you properly when you fell, and that was pretty often and with great frequency in the beginning.

The interesting and mining was not the real tumble. It happend acctually after the tumble, when you likely meeting your skis that like helicopter blades rotating in close proximity to your self. The solution with prisioner strap was much due to prevent the ski to slip away and like a projectile go in another uncontrolled direction, and maybe hurt or hit a innocent skier.

I belive this ”expedition” could be really fun to document

Hoping to display images from a number of images from my childhood environment later on.

Ps: Are there any readers who attended the ”Prisoner strap time” would be fun to hear some rows from you.

Best regards / Mikael


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