The knowledge of the hand and eye

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At a time when our rate of change does not seem to know any boundaries, the knowledge of the hand and eye of gained a whole new meaning, the knowledge and experience that touches the eye of knowledge acquired through countless generations and has been a guarantor of our survival or living for generations. The feeling from me is that the knowledge of hand & eye has in a few generations adapted to a completely new interaction between it self and non-organic objects such as our information society brings.

The knowledge of the hand and eye through generations consisted of feel and see the material you are working with, for example, when working with tanning and soften the skin from animals. Where your hand and your eye’s ability to feel and see is the one crucial to your results.

Is there anything that can be unhealthy when such a long interaction between hand eye and other organic things for most of us disappear?

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This topic i feel it in the near future, a need to seek and write more about.

Perhaps some such like screwing vehicles come forward and describe the feeling to work with non-organic material ,  but at the same time i writing this i realizing that i like forgin iron and to  shape and create it to working tools.

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