The value of causality?

To be able to see the causation is according to me have a very high survival value, of course not only in nature, but it is what i describe most in this forum. Let me give a concrete example, for about 16 thousand years ago, something happened between two species that is pretty interesting.

Jag guess pimplngA Human and Wolf ”found” a survival value in collaborating in their search for food, After a period could the cooperation deepened and the minting of the early ”wolf dogs” continued. How exactly it looked like we may have good theories, but perhaps not exactly know, what we can learn today is that dog in most cases is for us a very dear friend, which leads to many benefits both on a physiological and psychological level.

The finest i knowConclusion: ”our” need of causation fall into place to get food in your stomach if we upload such hunting with hounds, through training / experience to figure out the approximate outcome (causation), taking into account a variety additional parameters. As wind conditions, cold, light, darkness, terrain, time, and much much more. That is, there are really a number of causality that need to fall into place, more than a sound relationship between dog and dog owner.

Guess vila
Much of this description, we know, and much of the joy of excitement challenge is precisely the amount of causation which should fall into place to get just that the food in the pot and finally the stomach.

Please read also an interesting link that i found on Google by Tomas Lindblad


he illustrates in more detail our connection with the wolf

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