Un googable !

What can be described as un googleable ?


  • Very much related to the personal experience, which in many people’s sentences is the true knowledge
  • Much of what I want to describe, communicate and preserve
  • The meeting with other individuals

    I salute ungoogleable then my firm opinion is that there are many phenomena that are not googleable, which i sometimes feel the opposite of, above some specified.

    When a phenomenon that Google in many justifiably become so successful that Google is currently, there is according to me reason to reflect on its influence on us.

    Signed uses Google’s services almost daily wich among others help to bring forward my message to my surroundings.

    To then describe phenomena that are not Unoogleable just feels very important because to remind myself that there is actually an empirical world where many abstract and concrete phenomena not by me can be described with the words from Google.

    My firm opinion is that my relationship with Google will persist but the relationship is governed by the undersigned and not vice versa, the goal is to make it a healthy cultivation of this extensive source of knowledge.

    Finally, something that I see as really Un googleable is what i will do next weekend if everything works out fine.

    Can reveal a little of what is Google offense in that i press refresh this Article

    I want go and meet two nice girls with a as the first letter in their name of about 400 km in the south-easterly direction from where i am now.

    Have a nice weekend and take good care of  all of you / Mikael

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