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The title little bit cliché-ridden expression seemed to me very appropriate, when i recently watched a documentary called ”System error that threatens our world”, (in English with Swedish subtitle) i will link to the documentary at the end of this blogpost . When i now have seen the documentary, i feel even more focus and desire to implement my plans to live and try to interact with nature for a year, it really feels more and more significant and inspiring. The documentary points in a clear direction that ”less is more” it is implied or stated in the documentary that through us for a long time have increased our material wealth through increased consumption does not make us happier. There are factors and strong evidence that supports the thesis

system error

Something that is also included in the documentary is altruism from an American context. The findings of their so-called altruistic acts around the world, given a less flattering sense when it most often is a conscious hidden agenda in their so-called ”Crusade” to eradicate evil and terror. It becomes in a end it self in short term to try define some parts of the world as evil because in it’s extension motivated a strong defense and a ”never” dwindling support for the military industry’s survival.

In a more convenient global view we should seek a greater understanding and a greater measure of including on everyone’s differences, My feeling for many years is that we in the rich part of the world seems to be too little involved in issues, that will affect our children and our children’s children’s future. One hypothesis is our relatively short life-period. This means that we don’t need or take any responsibility for our planet in 1000 years in future. The hypothetical question arises in me if our lives could lasted for 1000 years would we think of as short as we do today?

Probably not. Something that i got to experience during my time at the Institute of primitive technology was when we would sweep boxes with a very knowledgeable man named Bosse P. He told me about how the parents of their future children or grandchildren blot in the pines to the thus would increase production of sap or resins so that the more adult pinetree would be more inpregnerat timber, for example to window frames. My humble opinion is that such thinking today is not viable or even encouraging, since in its consequence would be a more durable approach and a threat to our consumption.

The link: http://urplay.se/Produkter/170919-Varlden-Systemfel-som-hotar-varlden

Long post this became….. not know if you can feel any connection to this blogpost, but hope that something might work … / Br Mikael

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