Hunting for life

The title belongs in this case Robert Salamonsson. On Tuesday afternoon, me and my friend Morgan went to Östersund to listen to a lecturer on hunting for Scandinavia’s large carnivores. When i enter the theater in Östersund’s large auditorium, i see someone i know from a number of hunting movies i’ve seen with my friend Roger who lives in Trehörningsjö where i lived from late November to early January 2013. My reflection of his hunting films were mixed. When the focus is on a clear result of a disused change so will the person behind the film and its associated get a bit in the background. That was something i could feel in the movies i saw made by Robert.


Now back to the lecture. Robert S began with a presentation of himself and his amazing dogs. I am impressed by a relatively young person’s total devotion to hunting. His expertise in the field hunting is also great, Robert blends his lecture with a lot of good hints with just the right amount of humor. I think during his lecture that it was so important that i took the time to go the about 200 km to listen to this devotee Hunter. My feeling is that Robert succeed in keeping us (about 250 people) in Östersund gathered to listen to him in a grip, where he will share a number of his pursuits and there especially on our big predators. Robert’s natural way to talk about his experiences gives great credibility, and it all feels inspiring and the most natural thing in the world. One of the big reasons. It is in my opinion that it feels so natural for Robert to tell, my opinion is also that it is related to that he has enormous experience and knowledge about what he is talking about.

My experience of good speakers is that they do not complicate things with ”incomprehensible” words, theye use mostly a relatively simple language. a little reminder to myself when I started lecturing, remember how i used the word awkward because i was not sure and wanted to portray me as being more knowledgeable than i actually was. As an example, i turned the only Latin names for edible and medicinal plants in my excitement of confirmation, which i thought might get the audience to be impressed, the result was that the audience people did not know what i was talking about, which is not possible when you have a claim to to teach some of your experiences.

In the coffee break of the lecture, it’s a fairly large number of us who go down to the podium to get a little more personal contact with Robert. Undersigned ask a little bit about tanning when he put out a number of skins, some of these are seals, i ask if he tanned himself and the answer was no. (probably couse there no time when hunting and training of his dogs take the most out of all his waking hours) I told him that i handtan and short of my Russia Plans. He then gives a proposal if i can taning one bearskin to him, i probably can get one to tan to myself. We’ll see how it goes with that i have atleast write a proposal and sent an email to Robert S about what it would be like.

If it loses, I will, of course, to depict it on the website. My thought if we find a solution, I think i tanning Roberts bearskin with alun wich goes more in depth of the skinn wich reduce mistakes, there is less risk that it will release the hair. If i get a skin my plan is to fat tan with the brain of any of his teddy bear skulls.

Finally, I give Robert Salamonsson the best recommendations lecturers whether you hunted all your life or you are not hunted a day in your life. He is in my opinion a great source of inspiration and gives a soul to the Hunt for Life, which is also his website name.

More about Robert Salamonsson’s adventures you can follow the http://jaktforlivet.se it’s in any case signed to do.

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