Nomadic or resident ?

Is something that i think a part of in my own approach to life. Maybe you do not have to choose just one or the other, so in the best of worlds you can include both when you feel for it.

Suddenly i realize that this could eventually become a decent lecture concept. Nomadic or resident ?
As for my upcoming adventure, i took the view that most being resident with the opportunity to move over a fairly large area.
My approach that i really enjoyed from the start of the project, is that the first time staying in a tipi while i build my ”Forest hut”, if everything works as my plans, it will give me the opportunity to be both resident (forest hut) while i also have my Tipi (Nomad possibility)

Borrowed images pending my own.

One thing you can at least be assured of is that it will never be exactly as expected
What would you prefer if you were to implement a similar project or ”adventure”?
A modern category of nomads as you could call them is the car campare and caravan people, i feel that they preserve manage old traditions in a modern way. They probably can learn me a lot.

Coming ! a little later in the day to be a post/blog about the birthday dog.

Live and let live / Mikael

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